Feeding your Aspirations with Inspiration!


Did you know that no matter how energetic and smart you are, managing all areas of your life; balancing yourself between activities and keeping a level head, may sometimes seem impossible?

We are pleased to have you here with us today. Feel free to look around and make yourself at home.


There are enough tips to snack on whilst you look around and some takeaways to keep you until you feel ready to take on the main courses which would definitely begin with hors d’oeuvres.


Don’t look so puzzled…’hors d'oeuvres’ is French for ‘starters’ to whet your appetite while you decide on which area of your life is in need of some guidance.  You are totally in control here, your choice, your decision.


Go on then, get comfortable and help yourself to the buffet of tips and takeaways.  Bon appetite!



As much as material things are acquired to secure the future of our children and young people, 123 Mentor Me deem it a necessity the investment into your life now and the ability to stay in control of your future endeavours.


While it is of importance to ensure your wholeness, we thought it would be quite the thing to do; we passing on proven principles, values and knowledge about the attitude of a young person who no one despises but is recognised for his or her character alongside talent and ability to lead as we go along.


Children 2-10 years


Our Paragon kids program guides children to get acquainted with themselves and their world, settle in comfortably and begin to build strong accommodative foundations for growth.


Young People 11-18 years


Our Mentality and Empowerment Progression model (MEP) will guide you to steer your world supporting you to be focused, have a healthy and strong mindset, values that align with an emotionally healthy and steady individual.


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