We are in the business of unique character building to enrich lives, transform communities and nations through online training, holistic life coaching, international association building, and transformational change in relationships and leadership.

We are dedicated to building a stronger next generation leadership for homes, companies, communities, and countries by providing a platform for total character development, local commitment, creating synergistic relationships, and international partnerships.

We are in business to provide principles that support character development and synergistic relations that guarantees efficient partnerships and increase in productivity. We offer tailored training programs, resources and assessment tools to help you and your family institution build a solid foundation for wherever life takes you.

In today’s globalised and fast changing societies, in our attempt to advance, selfish ambitions get in the way at the expense of human souls disallowing leading with character to impact our world to the benefit of all humanity. We owe it a duty contributing to the legacy of a better world.

- Isaac Newton

Pioneering synergistic relationships and a life strategist.

Ruach Gloria Parker-Dior, is a caring, passionate writer, radical thinker and author of ‘Born to Love’.  She is the creator of the ‘Essential 3 Seed Method’ which provides the structure for building and maintaining character whiles her ‘Mentality and Empowerment Progression Model’ (MEP) provides insight to guide young people into taking responsibility of their lives putting their decisions and choices into shape. Currently, she is working on two books, of which titles and information on it would be made available soon. Her heart cry is to see people get access to information they can cross-reference with their decisions and choices to make sound judgment for their lives as much as possible.


She is keen on contributing to the heritage of humanity the reintroduction of healthy character building, maintaining, sustaining a mentally, emotionally  and spiritually empowered generation to continue to fuel the impact of a lasting change in the world through connecting personal passion, effective practices, cutting edge services, and leadership with character.


The ‘Essential 3 Seed Method’ teaches living and leading by demonstrating the value of your unique identity, converting identity into attitudes, converting those inherent values into strategies for skills enhancement, and then converting that expanded capacity into creating world-changing synergistic relationships.