Don’t set yourself up to reap avoidable problematic moments and negative outcomes because of what you are failing to do presently. Peace of mind is not a thing of the past.

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Your success and fulfilment is directly linked to the investment you make in yourself. Discovering and tapping into the power of your personality, engrafting your true self in your life vision, setting and achieving goals aligned with your strengths, and working on your vulnerabilities to boost your overall well being.


Our Synergistic relationship program is about embodying love. The missing element in true character building for the sole purpose of being the best at who you are whilst empowering your team or partners.

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Ruach Dior provides mentoring resources through its online platform to young minds wherever they are across the globe. By providing universally accessible programs on its innovative e-learning environments. Ruach Dior is setting the standard in how young people are empowered mentally, emotionally and spiritually for greater effectiveness around the world.


Our Spiritual development program is about acquiring revealing knowledge, understanding and application of Godly wisdom.  Having knowledge without knowing the meaning of the information in your hands is as good as not having the information at all.  Healthy spiritual development is based on knowing your Spiritual heritage.  You will move through the levels of shifts in your thinking, belief system, actions and reactions, and your language.


Based on data gathered through our personalised assessments, our coaching services focus on the specific issues facing each of our clients. The model developed by Ruach Dior leads individuals through the ‘Essential 3 Seed Method’, enabling each person to pursue their highest calling by changing their way of thinking to create lasting change in themselves.

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123 Mentor Me is Ruach Dior's learning area focused on young minds aging as young as two years old up to eighteen years old. These programs focus on individual growth as well as building and maintaining strong relationships both with family and friends.

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