Seeing transformation in your life starts with making a sound decision to make the necessary changes.

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Ruach Dior International offers high quality online courses available on the go to give your life a whole new meaning!

Discovering and tapping into the power of your personality, engrafting your true self in your life vision, building character in line with your personality and gifts to stand out from the crowd.

Young Minds

Synergistic Relationships

Spiritual Development

As much as material things are acquired to secure the future of our children and young people, 123 Mentor Me deem it a necessity the investment into your life now and staying in control of your future endeavours.

Our Relationship development programs is about cultivating the culture of “Love” wherever you are and whatever you are involved in, giving of your true self in all of your engagements without losing your soul.

Our Spiritual development program is about helping you gain understanding to set your priorities for life straight without missing the whole point of living



Feeling as though you are boxed in with issues and hitting your head against the wall? Let us play quarterback (give you support) while you make sure you place the ball (your best choices and decisions) right in the net.

At that stage of your life where you need to make a difference in your role and be remembered for initiating or supporting that transformation threshold of turning perplexities to sound mindedness? We are here for you, wherever you are across the globe.

- Edward Young

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As a Heritage-minded company, Ruach Dior International is committed to investing in the mentality, character and empowerment of people.  Our focus is on the concept of singleness of mind being the foundation of uniqueness and well-being of the members of the family.  The home being the first practice field for expressing who you are and testing out your leadership abilities. We believe that whether you succeed as an entrepreneur, an executive of a corporation, end up with a governmental role, or as a parent, student, husband or wife; you bring who you are, your experience, and background to the table. Consciously or unconsciously we train our children not too far away from how we were brought up and influence them by the habits we have acquired over the years and we do the same when we express ourselves in our businesses and relationships. Owning and enhancing our character alongside our talents, skill sets, goals and aspirations could well be a grounding for impacting virtues to our children that would empower them for the fast-paced world they live in and would be leading.

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Check out the next available courses and upcoming events here.

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